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Savings Account

We recognize that you need some form of savings to meet your future needs. Our Savings Account offers you this unique opportunity.

Current Account

Gain access to a world of convenience and pleasure with our Current Account. You also have access to loans and overdraft facilities.

Fixed Deposit Account

If your plan is to save funds for the future on a long term basis, then our Fixed Deposits offers the best options for you and your business.

Shiloh Savings Account

This unique account is specially designed to give you, our esteemed customer the opportunity to either accumulate funds

Credit Banking

We are in the business of helping to improve the quality of your life by offering you the opportunity to access our uniquely designed loans and overdraft facilities. It is tailored based on clients demand, the bank’s capability, and risk management framework.

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This product is designed to meet the financial needs of those in paid employment with reputable companies.

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This product is granted to customers who seek financial support for financing job orders from reputable and credible organizations obtained locally.

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At Covenant Microfinance Bank, we are interested in financing small businesses; that is why we introduced this loan facility to small business owners to help boost their businesses.

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At Covenant Microfinance Bank, we offer small and customized credits for small businesses to boost their businesses.

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Enjoy 24-hour access to your account(s) with our Verve Debit Cards. The debit card allows you withdraw cash from any ATM in Nigeria.


Mrs Odunola Owolabi

She has virtually served in various capacities/departments in deposit money banks, ranging from Branch Operation, Central Clearing, Treasury/Foreign Operations, Head of Operations, Head Office Operations and Branch Manager.

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