Regular Loan/Overdraft Facilities

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We are in the business of helping to improve the quality of your life by offering you the opportunity to access our uniquely designed loans and overdraft facilities. It is tailored based on clients demand, the bank’s capability, and risk management framework.

  1. Stress-free facility application procedure.
  2. Up to 12 months overdraft period.
  3. Convenient facility repayment terms.
  4. Affordable interest rate.
  5. Access to funds to meet short term financial needs.
  6. Take care of urgent and unexpected expenses.
  7. Opportunity to liquidate facility prior to repayment date.
  1. In case of salary earners, domiciliation of salary account with Covenant Microfinance Bank
  2. 3-6 months active banking relationship with Covenant Microfinance Bank
  1. Salary earners
  2. Micro entrepreneurs
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