The Bank in achieving it Vision Statement which is “Transforming Ordinary individuals into Creators of Wealth” has listened to the request of it customers by increasing the amount transferable on the Mobile App from a Covenant Microfinance Bank account to other banks. The pegged limit by default on the Mobile App is One Hundred Thousand Naira, that is the maximum amount a customer can transfer out of his/her account via the Mobile App per day. The bank in it effort to satisfy it customers has upgraded the transfer limit on an account from One hundred thousand Naira to One Million Naira per day (#100,000 —– #1,000,000). The bank cannot increase the Limit on a customers account by default. The desire for an upgrade or an increase in the transferable amount must come willing from the Customer. The Bank is on the Verge of increasing the transferable limit way above one million. These upgrades are put in place to allow easy fund transfers by our customers at the comfort of their homes. The Bank will like to use this medium to encourage our esteem customers to cultivate habit of using the Mobile App to make their transfers as this is a more convenient way to transfer money, than having to come around the bank to pick up transfer forms. The Mobile App is put in place in order to eliminate the stress of having to come down to pick up transfer forms.

how can i upgrade/ increase my transfer Limit?     ⇒

  • Work to any of our branches or the head office at Canaan land.
  • Request for Transfer Increase limit form
  • Fill the required areas properly
  • Submit and you are good to go.

how long will it take for the upgrade to take effect? ⇒

  • The upgrade is effected immediately the form is treated by our bank official.

The bank will therefore like to encourage all our customers to onboard the Mobile App because there will be time for urgent need for fund and if all you can transfer per day is one hundred thousand Naira, whereas the amount needed is way above one hundred thousand naira. then what will you expression be??

Covenant Micro Finance Bank Mobile App a more convenient way to bank.


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