Verve Debit Card

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Verve Debit Card

Enjoy 24-hour access to your account(s) with our Verve Debit Cards. The debit card allows you withdraw cash from any ATM in Nigeria, it also enables you make payments on PoS terminals, Internet etc. Your card can be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs and for payments at any merchant location where the Interswitch or Verve logo is displayed.

  1. The card is linked to your Savings/Current account with us.
  2. Enhanced safety and security of your transactions with chip and PIN technology.
  3. With your card, you can transfer funds to account numbers of beneficiaries using ATM or PoS Terminals.
  4. Experience instant access to your accounts.
  5. Withdraw cash from any ATM in Nigeria.
  1. Conveniently pay for goods and services on all ATMs, PoS, Web, Mobile, Kiosk, connected to the InterSwitch network.
  2. The risk and inconvenience associated with carrying cash is eliminated.
  3. Verve rewards and discounts also available for cardholders.
  4. Multiple Value-Added Services – Airtime recharge, Bills payments, and more.

Click here to download and fill the requisition form, submit at our office and an ATM Card and PIN will be issued to you same day.

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