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Shiloh Saving Account

This unique account is specially designed to give you, our esteemed customer the opportunity to either accumulate funds to ease any financial strain that may arise during the annual Shiloh event or save money for increasing your stock for sale during the business boom associated with the event.

  1. Minimum opening balance is N2,500.00
  2. Minimum operating balance is N2,000.00
  3. Access to our eBanking solutions
  1. Easy and convenient to open.
  2. Attractive interest rate, above prevailing rate.
  3. Any customer with the highest account balance will receive a gift at the end of November.
  4. Withdrawals from the account are subject to Bank’s approval.
  5. No Over-the-Counter charges on this account.

Open to all participants of the annual Shiloh event which holds at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota

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