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CMFB Online Banking

Enjoy convenient online banking from your home or office 24 hours a day, anywhere internet access is available with our internet banking solution. Interact with your account(s) online, real-time


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CMFB Mobile App

Add convenience to your everyday life with CMFB Mobile App. Do your banking transactions wherever and whenever with this app downloaded onto your internet enabled smartphone, tablet computer or Android device

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Use your ATM Debit card to make payments for goods and services in any merchant location where PoS terminals are deployed in Nigeria

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Receive payments from your customers/clients on CMFB ePay online real-time. CMFB ePay is a fast, convenient and secure web-based payment platform that is connected to all Payment switching companies in Nigeria

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CMFB Cards

Enjoy 24-hour access to your account(s) with our Verve Debit Cards. The debit card not only allows you withdraw cash from any ATM in Nigeria, it also enables you make payments on PoS terminals, Internet etc

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SMS Alert Services

Get notifications on all your transactions that occur on your account(s) via your registered phone numbers or other electronic device(s) as provided. Fees apply for the SMS notification

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