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Current Account

Gain access to a world of convenience and pleasure with our Current Account. You also have access to loans and overdraft facilities.

  1. Zero monthly maintenance fee.
  2. Allows third party withdrawals.
  3. No minimum account balance required.
  4. Considerable C.O.T charge upon withdrawals .
  5. Cheque book issuance.
  1. Cheques, dividend warrants and other financial instruments lodgment.
  2. Access to loans and overdraft facilities.
  3. Free monthly printed statement of account (only available on demand).
  4. 24-hour access to your funds via our e-Banking solutions.
  1. Economically active individuals
  2. Employees of companies
  3. Private companies
  4. Limited liability companies
  5. Registered and non-registered groups, etc.

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