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  • Savings Account

    We recognise that you need some form of savings to meet your future needs. Our Savings Account offers you this unique opportunity. A pure Savings Account to enable you accumulate your savings and achieve your life’s aspirations.

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  • Current Account

    Gain access to a world of convenience and pleasure with our Current Account. You also have access to loans and overdraft facilities.

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  • Fixed Deposit Account

    If your plan is to save funds for the future on a long term basis, then our Fixed Deposits offers the best options for you and your business. Specific amounts can be invested at an agreed interest rate and investment periods of 90 and 180 days. The invested funds, based on your instruction at maturity, can either be re-invested (rolled over) or returned to customer (liquidated) with accrued interest earned.

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  • Shiloh Savings Account

    This unique account is specially designed to give you, our esteemed customer the opportunity to either accumulate funds to ease any financial strain that may arise during the annual Shiloh event or save money for increasing your stock for sale during the business boom associated with the event.

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  • Covenant Children’s Savings Account

    With this account, parents can accumulate savings on behalf of their children. It is also a great means for children to learn how to manage their funds effectively.

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  • Covenant Daily Investment Scheme (CODIAS)

    Covenant Daily Investment Scheme is designed for traders especially market women, artisans, small scale business owners; to cultivate a saving habit to further boost their businesses.

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